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The 1958 Edinburgh Tattoo and the World's Fair

The 1st Plt of CGC, the 2nd Plt of MCI Company and the Color Guard travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland to participate in its world-famous Evening Tattoo. Augmented by the Parris Island Recruit Depot Band, and under the overall command of Col. Robert Heinl of HQMC. it was the first American unit ever so invited.

Following their performances in Scotland, they travelled to Brussels, Belgium to perform at the World's Fair of 1958.

The following photos were collected and submitted by Jim Meskan of the 2nd Plt., MCI Company:


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Scenes of Edinburgh

The Castle on the Rock
So real, it's unreal.

Simply beautiful!
100th Anniversary - Centenary Garden

Our Edinburgh Living Quarters

Notice the patches on the roof
Another patch!

The grass has been mowed by a herd of sheep!
A Scottish GE Clothes Dryer!

The Scots and Marines Jointly Perform for Edinburgh's Crippled Children

A touching sight - Princess Margaret Rose Hospital
A great performance by all!

The Parade through rain-soaked downtown Edinburgh

The Color Guard and 2nd plt. of MCI Company
2nd Platoon MCI Company with USN Corpsman

The Edinburgh Tattoo!

The Castle, built on volcanic rock and dating from the 12th Century,
towers over the town of Edinburgh.

The cover of a Scottish Magazine
The Cover of the Offical Program

A Spectacular Ceremony!
Colorful pagentry at its Best!


Cpl Jim Meskan, the 1st Marine ever to do so, stands guard at the entrance of the castle
The Marines have landed . . . and the
situation is well in hand . . .

On to Brussels, Belgium for the 1958 World's Fair!

The Brussels Ceremony Program


SSgt Bob Mackenzie and 1st plt CGC


Morning Colors - NCOIC Cpl. Jim Meskan flanked by CGC Marines


CGC's 1st Plt Silent Drill Team


Jim Meskan touring the World's Fair
Maintaining shooting proficiency


Lajes AFB in the Arores - Back to the Barracks!

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