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Several members have published material that is very interesting reading. These include books, articles in Leatherneck, published newspapers and magazine articles, and a Poem written for the 8th & I Marine. If you are interested in reading them contact the author or let an Officer know, and you will get a copy. The following is the list.

1. "The Secret of Camp David" a book written by Don Keelan.

2. " Cassandra Spoke" an article published in the American Heritage (April 1998) by Stephen DeBock . An article written about JFK.

3. " In The Beginning" an article published in Leatherneck (Oct. 1988) by Retired MGySgt. James W. Carmickle. The first year of the USMC Drill Team.

4. An Autobiography by Retired Capt. Ron Burton, "My Life and Adventures in the United States Marine Corps 1952-1974.

5. A Poem "The Marines of 8th & I", authored by Boyce Clark for all Marines who were stationed at the Barracks.

6. An article published in Leatherneck (August 1988) , "Marines of Building #58"

7. An Article published in Reminsce (January/February 2000),by John James , a former Marine stationed at "Shangri-La" titled , "Assignment to Shangri-La"

For all interested members who have a particular incident or historical occurrence that you want to share with us on the website, e-mail it to webmaster at



1. Jim Bathurst, Col, USMC (Ret) - We'll All Die As Marines - One Marines Journey from Private to Colonel

2. Stephen M. DeBock, 3dPlt, Ceremonial Guard Co., 1960-62.

The Pentacle Pendant (contemporary horror, woman werewolf)

Morgen (e-publication, paranormal romance)

The Bridge Between Worlds (e-publication, sci-fi adventure in the Edgar Rice Burroughs tradition)

3. Frederick Fenwick, Marine Barracks 8th & I - 1977-1980 - Lasting Visions Book Series

4. Andrew R. Finlayson, Colonel, USMC (Re.t) - Killer Kane -A Marine Long-Range Recon Team Leader in Vietnam, 1967–1968 (Due out August 2013)

5. Major William F. Lee, Ret'd, USMC (8th & "I"; 1962-1965) - Novels written and published between 2004 and 2017:

The Bottom of the List
The Light Side of Damnation
The Boys in Blue White Dress
Home is a Long Time Ago
Ded Reckoning

All My Heroes Are Gone;
Brown Posey Press, An imprint of Sunbury Press, Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA, Copyright 2017 by William F. Lee

NOTE: This is a wonderful read (life's journey) that you will likely be able to relate to! Contact "Tracks" at WFLee631 @ if you would like to obtain an autographed copy of his book, "All My Heroes Are Gone".

Short Story: Published in "Pathwork Path -- Dad's Bowties". My Story: The Reincarnation of Bernarr

6. Marine Col. Donald "Mustang" Myers, S3, 1969-73 and CO, 1985-88 - Leadership Defined

7. Harold "Skip" Quant, Ceremonial Guard Company, 1968-1970 - Death is a Serious Business

8. Isaac "Ike" Rucker, MCI Company, 1949-1951:

No. 1: "The Easy Side of Hard Times" about life in the mid/late 1930s in East Tenn, my uncle being the central character.
No. 2: "WW 11 Sabotage. Target America." This story was inspired by the Honorary Secretary of the Dempster Dumpster Corp - a story she related to me about the FBI tracking suspected saboteurs in the vicinity of Gatlingburg, TN during WW 11. The central character in the above book is brought back into this story.
No. 3: "A Blessed Life." This book is a Biography about my life - service in the FBI, the Marine Corps, civilian jobs including 17 years in the space program, 6 1/2 years in Africa, almost 2 years in Italy (NATO Contract) and my retirement years in NJ.
No. 4: "The Last Hero of WW 1" being a story about my father who was a veteran of WW 1. It is a historical fiction story - containing several stories I recall my father telling during my teen years

9. Terry Shows, 8th & I, 1982-85 - The Marines of 8th and I

10. Sgt. Maj. Wentworth Xavier ("Pat") Durkee, 8th & I, MCI Company, 1954-1955 / USMC 1942-1968, Hartwell, GA.

Book: An American Life Through Peace And War , printed by LifeSprings Resources, Franklin Springs, GA.

NOTE: Pat is a combat veteran of WWll, Korea, and Vietnam.


Author: 8th & I Marine Rev. Gerald Watford, Presidential Security Company 1981-1982, Columbia, SC, .

Publisher: Ambassador International, Emerald House, Greenville, SC 29609....

12. Jim Ehrat served 8th & I, 75-78, Corporal of the Guard and E Club asst manager"

Twin Revenge

To Kill A King

13. John Eastman's novel, Verdict! In Search Of A Crime

Click here for the novel Verdict! In Search Of A Crime

Submitted by John Eastman - 8th & I, Ceremonial Guard Company, Silent Drill Platoon, 1965, Beaver Falls, PA

14. Tom Ryan, Ceremonial Guard Company, 3rd Platoon Leader and C.O. of MCI Company, 1959-1963

Terrorist Quest for Power”    This is a story of international intrigue, suspense and drama.


Members: If you have published a book send in your information to the Webmaster and we will post it here.
(Send Name, Time at 8th and I, Name of Book and Link to it if you have one.)

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