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2nd Platoon's Silent Drill Team 1958 Tour to South America

In the summer of 1958, the 2nd Platoon under the command of 1stLt Andrews with SSgt Ben Smith as the Platoon Sergeant was assigned the task of going on a good will tour of South America aboard the newly commissioned USS Ranger.  Captain Hatch wanted some Company Headquarters people there so he attached GySgt Faylor and me to the 2nd platoon for the trip.  What a break for us.... it was one trip I will never forget.

I have been carrying around some photos for the past 50 years and I would love to share them with the 8th and I guys.  Perhaps we have some of our members who also made the trip.  I know that Ken Libby was on the trip.  I cannot remember many of the names of the 2nd platoon guys, so maybe others can add some names.

Semper fi... Denny Harris

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