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The Official Recognition of a Unique CGC Officer

Jim Donovan, Chair of the Iwo Flag Detail,, recently advised us as follows:
I have some information I would like to pass on regarding Bill Lee. Several weeks ago I had learned that Bill had been invited by the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (the JFK Museum/Texas School Book Depository) in Dallas Texas, to do a taped interview. He complied with the request, and the tape in parts or as a whole will be aired at various times for visitors.

They next requested some artifacts for display. Bill again complied with the second request from the museum, by loaning several objects to the museum that are currently on display. I requested photos of the display from the museum, and after its completion did receive several photos that I have attached. Among the items were Bill's Marine Officers sword and scabbard, which was a gift to him from the Officer's and SNCO's of Force Recon Co, upon his commission as a 2ndLt, and so inscribed.

There are two photos of Bill standing Death Watch at the casket of JFK, one at the White House, and the second in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building.

Also included is a "quote" from Bill's book "The Boys in Blue White Dress" mentioning the '63 Drill Team ( have enlarged this portion of the original photo.) Included in the display to the left side is a photo of JFK and funeral memory cards, from JFK's funeral at the St. Matthew's Cathedral.

The attached photos are "Courtesy of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza." The museum director of collections asked that I include a request to any Marines who served the JFK on the JFK Death Watch to contact the museums oral historian Stephen Fagin at if they are interested.

Hope this is of some interest to the members of the Reunion Association, and the Marines that served with Bill.

Semper Fi,
Jim Donovan, Chair
Iwo Flags

This Association's web site contains a magnficient (and very large) group of photos of the Drill Team supplied primarily by Bill Lee, which can be viewed by clicking here.

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